FIDO – $15 flex data plan. 1GB, $25 for 3GB, $35 for 5GB LTE data

FIDO – $15 flex data plan. 1GB, $25 for 3GB, $35 for 5GB LTE data.

  • Can be used in Smartphone (iPhone, Android etc) or in your Tablet.
  • Making / Receiving phone calls on this plan is $1/minute.

How to make & receive calls (avoiding paying $1/ min)

Option 1
– Download FONGO app for your smartphone to make & receive calls.
– You can also send & receive texts (Canada & USA) for $9.99/6 months.

Options 2
– If you don’t mind not having a local number, use Google Hangouts (with your Gmail account) to make outbound calls (much better voice quality than FONGO).
– You can only make calls out as there’s no incoming #, unless you have a verified Google Voice account.

– Sign up for and get a local # for as little as $0.85/month, and $0.005/minute
– You can send & receive SMS for free (this feature is on beta trial; Eventually will be paid service).
– Great voice quality.


Sign up online, at store or over the telephone.

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