$50 for yourself and AND friend/family from Koodo

Koodo has doubled the “Refer a Friend” credit from $25 to $50 until November 20th.

When a friend or family member activates a new Koodo post-paid account, both you and they will receive a $50 bill credit on the 3rd invoice.

You can get up to $300 per year, per active number on your account in referral credits.

If you have a number each for yourself, your spouse and two children, you can get upto $1200 in referral credits (you’ll need to refer 24 people to reach the maximum).

How to start getting your $50 refer a friend credit

  • Go to the Koodo Refer a Friend page  and click on the “Start Referring” button.
  • You will need to login with your Koodo Self Serve login.

If you are referring someone, it is important for you to setup the referral BEFORE they activate their new account.

You will NOT get a referral credit if you did NOT setup the referral prior to new account activation.

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